Orthodontics is to move teeth and change the jaw growth.

An orthodontist is a dental surgeon who specialized in dento-facial orthopedics.


Orthodontics and tooth movement


When the teeth must be aligned, orthodontics is highly recommended since malocclusions can cause tooth decay, inflammation of the gums, loosening of teeth ... Most orthodontic treatments aim to move the teeth to realign. aligners or braces which are small metal or transparent brackets bonded to the inner or outer side of the teeth, may be used. For treatments with braces, the teeth are moving along an arch whose shape guides tooth movement. This arch is changed regularly according to the movements that are desired. Elastic connecting the upper and the lower jaws are also used to move the jaws in the horizontal or vertical direction.


Orthodontics and jaw growth


Some children have a growth of one or both jaws too slow or too fast. These children may benefit from treatment to speed up or slow down this growth. This correction is only possible in children because they have not finished growing yet. In adults correcting a misalignment of jaws is possible but should be done with surgery (orthognathic surgery).


Qualified specialists in dentofacial orthopedics or "orthodontists"


The specialists in orthodontics are Doctor in Dental Surgery (six years of study after a common entrance examination with doctors) who have deepened their training by an additional four-year education in a field very precise: the dento-facial orthopedics.


This specialization is done so in both theoretical at the university and through clinical hospital experience in a teaching hospital. These four years of specialization are sanctioned by a national examination, the Certificate of Special Clinical Studies in Orthodontics Mention (CECSMO).





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